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These interactive assembly-style programs are very popular for large groups. They provide students and teachers with a non-traditional science lesson through exciting and visually stimulating presentations. Choose from our program choices below.

  • Available during the school year

  • Auditorium presentations can range in time lengths from 30-45 minutes and can be custom tailored**

  • Auditorium presentations have flat rate fees:
    • First program, up to 45 minutes, and up to 250 students...............................$375.00
    • Additional same-day, same-site program, up to 250 students........................$225.00

  • There is a maximum of four auditorium programs per site per day

  • Registration for all EcoVentures should be made at least two weeks in advance. Payment is due in full upon arrival each day.
  • Schools must provide a projector and screen large enough to accomodate the audience


Grades Pre K-5
There are almost 1,000 species of birds that can be seen in the United States but there are about 10,000 species of birds found throughout the world! Students will learn about some of the more unique birds in the world as well as the birds that they may be able to find in their own backyard. This visually appealing presentation will include education on avian adaptations, migratory routes, and the importance of the Delmarva region in relation to bird stop-overs.

Grades Pre K-5
Through thousands of years of adapation, animals of every type have developed a specialized system of concealment to hide themselves from their predators and prey. Fish, reptiles, mammals, and insects all have remarkable body shapes, colors, and features that allow them to blend in with their environment. This assembly program will have students learning about various species of animals and how they survive in environments filled with predators.

Grades Pre K-5
Make no mistake about it, sharks are one of the top predators in our oceans. Although some species of sharks can be truly scary, the truth is that more people die each year from falling coconuts than from shark attacks. Sharks play a vital role in the food web of the ocean and are in peril from unethical fishing practices. This program will teach students some cool facts about these prehistoric fish as well as what species can be found in our area and even more importantly, what they can do to protect the species.

Grades Pre K-5
From snakes and alligators to frogs and salamanders, this presentation will show students how these resilient animals have survived so long. This presentation will provide examples of multiple types of amphibians and reptiles and will teach students about cold blooded animals. Students will also learn what the difference is between a reptile and amphibian and will go through several identification activities to see how well they can identify some of the assorted critters found in our area.

** EcoVentures will also create a custom program for your group. Additional fees apply. Please contact us for more information.





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