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What better way to expand a student’s education in the classroom, than to supplement it with actual field  work that real scientists carry out? Our field study programs take the educational lesson directly to the source to utilize an open-air classroom experience. Whether scouring the coastline investigating ocean dynamics in the Shoreline Exploration, slogging through the coastal wetlands learning about how many species of vital plants and animals use the marsh ecosystem in the Wetland Walks, carefully scanning the treetops down to the forest floor identifying animals, plants and fungi in our Woodlands Wanderer Program, or enjoying a fun day in the sun during the EcoVentures Beach Blast, we offer a field study program for all ages and all groups.

Careful planning is the key to any successful field trip, and the EcoVentures team is eager to help you meet your groups’ goals while creating an unforgettable and educational adventure for your students. Because all of our field study programs take place outside of the classroom, our EcoVentures staff member will meet your group at the pre-determined destination (contact EcoVentures for location options) with all of the necessary supplies your group will need to conduct the field work for the day. In preparation for your group’s trip, please use the following guidelines to ensure the best experience possible:

  1. All field study programs require a chaperone to student ratio of 1:10. Chaperones must be ready and willing to assist with the group and be dressed in appropriate field attire.

  2. Be sure to have all students dress accordingly. This means proper footwear and appropriate clothing that factors in weather and the possibility of getting wet and/or muddy. See your program description for more information.

  3. Because of the reservations required with each location site, all field study programs will take place even in the event of inclement weather. Mother Nature does not always cooperate so please plan ahead and check the weather forecast for the day of your trip.*

  4. Your field study program will continue as planned even if there is a chance of rain. Please advise your students to wear the appropriate outer garments including a raincoat or bringing along an umbrella.

  5. Because the entire group will be traveling along each site together, students should only bring with them what they intend on carrying. Many students will have their hands full with the field study tools, so a backpack would be a good idea if the student wishes to bring along a camera. Anything that your students don’t want to carry with them while in the field should be left on the bus.

  6. Cameras can document your trip, but they can also be dropped in the water or mud. EcoVentures is not responsible for lost or damaged cameras.


    Grades 2-12
    Ready, set, FISH! This 2-hour long program starts with a brief lesson on everything you need to know to start fishing. Students learn about basic operation of a rod and reel, then they'll learn how to tie fishing knots, bait a hook and properly cast in order to become self-sufficient anglers. After the instructional lesson, students will get their own rod and reel, bait and tackle and will cast, reel and catch! Fishing clinics are available in-season and take place at a local park with fishing access. A pavilion rental fee and/or bus parking fees may apply. Contact us today to get started.

    Grades K-12
    Get ready to spend the day working as a marine biologist. Students will explore a saltwater coastline conducting field work including taking water chemistry readings, pulling a seine net to discover shoreline biodiversity, and observe the shoreline inhabitants. EcoVentures staff will meet your class out in the field and will have all the supplies waiting. Students should wear appropriate clothing and be prepared to get your legs wet!

    Grades K-12
    Coastal wetlands are among the most important and productive ecosystems on Earth. In this field study program, students will enter the wetlands to experience them first hand while observing and identifying the plants and animals that inhabit the wetlands through use of a field guide. The field guides will provide a visual match to the plants and animals in the wetlands while also providing some background information and historical importance for the area’s original inhabitants, the Lenni-Lenape Indians. Students should wear appropriate clothing and be prepared to get muddy.

    Grades K-12
    Students will enter the forest to observe and identify trees and birds, with the occasional sighting of animal tracks. Using a field guide, students will work in groups to find and identify birds and trees, while recording their findings in their field manuals. Students will also learn about the history and geology of the site, including historical importance. Students should wear sturdy shoes and be dressed in comfortable clothing.

    Grades K-12
    What better way to reward your students than with a fun day on the beach? Students will learn to boogieboard and skimboard all while learning about the dynamic processes that take place along the beach line. Learn about tidal movements and beach erosion while enjoying a fun day in the sun! EcoVentures staff will meet your class at the beach and will have all the supplies waiting. Students should wear bathing suits and prepare to get wet!

     *Light rain and generally moderate foul weather will not lead to a canceled program. Torrential rain or the presence of lightning are no fun for anyone, and will generally result in the rescheduling of a program.

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