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Non-profit grant writing is one of the most difficult and confusing tasks that an organization can be faced with. The art of grant writing is one of the most critical skills an organization can possess, although many non-profits have never fully grasped the concept of writing a truly engaging grant proposal.

In today’s difficult economic times, securing grant funding is getting more and more difficult. Especially when you consider that many granting entities receive hundreds, sometimes thousands, of proposals for a single award. How can you get your proposal to stand out from the pack and have a significantly higher chance at funding? Although your proposed cause may be very worthwhile, the true secret to successful grant proposals is not only what you say, but how you say it.

The professional services offered by EcoVentures will make sure your organization’s proposal is not only clear and concise, but compelling, appealing, and informative.



Before an organization can receive grant funding or even submit a proposal, it is crucial that the best available funding opportunities are first identified, and then analyzed to determine the chances of success. The first step in this process is to open the lines of communication and begin thoroughly discussing your organization's funding needs based on both short and long-term plans. After researching upcoming funding opportunities that align with your organization’s needs, our team will develop a full Prospective Grant Availability (PGA) report, detailing opportunities for which your organization is eligible to submit a proposal. This PGA report will be a streamlined list of only the most appropriate grants currently open for proposals that will reduce wasted time and resources for your organization’s fundraising staff. Once the report is complete, you will receive the report via email at which point we will schedule a meeting (phone or face to face) to thoroughly review your report and determine priorities. The timeline for completing a PGA report is typically three to four weeks for most organizations.


Sometimes all your grant proposal needs is an expert review from an outside party. At EcoVentures, we offer technical reviews that include a comprehensive overview and editing procedure that is performed prior to your organization submitting the proposal to the grantor. This technical review service is also available after your proposal was declined for funding from the grantor.


EcoVentures grant proposal writing services begin with an initial discussion with your fundraising and/or programmatic staff to determine which selling points to highlight for your proposed program. Once our grant writing staff has a solid understanding of your organization’s proposed program, we will begin laying out a compelling grant proposal. Our grant writing services include discussion of the grant program design with your staff and any other program partners, initial submission of a letter of inquiry (if applicable), development of the proposal narrative and budget, and submission of the proposal to the grantor. Through each step of the process, our team will communicate through phone and email conversations so that the proposal is accurate, detailed, and engaging.



Our proven track record in the grant writing field will give your organization the competitive edge it needs in today’s highly competitive grant world. Contact us today to begin your initial consultation.

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