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"Thank you so much for the photos of Rocco and your very kind words. He absolutely LOVED the camp and all of you as well. He came home every day with a story about his experiences........then promptly fell asleep on the sofa until dinner!!! You and your staff are to be commended for your patience and dedication. I know Rocco will be back next year and I'm sure it will be for more than one week!"

Best wishes,
Rocco's Grandmom, Linda V.


"I wanted to send a big thank you to your staff, Tim and Emily! Gracie had so much fun with them both. Thank you for helping her conquer her fear of the deep end. It has really helped out this summer and she no longer has any fear of jumping into the pool. She always says, “My friends Tim and Emily taught me!”  To anyone with kids of any age--I highly recommend EcoVentures. It is a great program and your child will have a fun filled day. Thank you again and hope to see you next year for fun with Gracie."

See you next year!
Tiffany H.


Gina G.


"Thank you so much for a great program. We wish we found you sooner! Not only did Kiley enjoy herself, but my husband and I had a great day ourselves! We were so worried at first but you and your staff put us right at ease. Kiley had such a fun time and didn't stop talking about her adventures. We will be ending our vacation on Sunday, but look forward to seeing EcoVentures again during our trip next year."

Thanks again,
Ann J.


"It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff on Adam’s first day of camp. You and your EcoVentures Camp program made what could have been a very long week for my husband and I into a great success! Here’s the story: Adam is an only child, and at age 7 has not been away from home (Ashburn, VA) much. As his grandmother, I wanted him to enjoy some time with us at our Cape May home and give Mom and Dad a break. However, he seeks other children to play with and I did not think just grandparents would keep him engaged for a week. When I saw an ad for your EcoVentures Camp, being located near us and across from the beach, I thought it was perfect since the 10-4 hours let him sleep in and do things with us late in the day, but have beach adventures and other kids to play with.

The first day of camp dawned with him having some separation anxiety: missing Mom and Dad and wary of something he was unfamiliar with. I told him he did not have to go if he decided that eventually but that we had to show up and look at the camp first. When we arrived, he started talking about a favorite topic of minerals, and what sand and shells were made of to you and the staff present. The welcoming reaction he received and the room full of fun beach equipment was so enticing to him, as I eased out of the room, he waved goodbye to me with a smile! Each subsequent day that week he could not wait to go to camp. When I asked him if he liked camp at the end of the week, he said, “I didn’t just ‘like’ camp, I LOVED it!” Thank you Dave for establishing EcoVentures and making Adam’s week. We definitely plan to have him attend next year and wish you success. "

Kindest regards,
Sandy S.


"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your EcoVentures programs were just what our kids needed during our vacation. My husband and I snuck down to spy on the kids this afternoon and we couldn't believe Ryan and Anna were boogie boarding on their own! They would never even get in the water if they were with us so to see them out there laughing and smiling with the other kids was a real treat. They were so skeptical before we dropped them off this morning, but they asked to come back tomorrow before we even got out to our car! You have a wonderful staff and we're so glad we found you. See you tomorrow!"

Tom and Samantha
(two well rested parents)




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